Classic Menu


Calamari Fritti 13.00
Clams on Half Shell 10.00
Baked Clams Oreganata (6) 10.50
Chicken Tenders
With Honey Mustard, Tomato Sauce or BBQ 8.75

Stuffed Artichokes (Seasonal)
Bread crumbs, grated cheese,garlic & white wine 8.00

Rice Ball (Arancini)
Rice, eggs, grated cheese, mozzarella,
peas, carrots & chopped beef 3.00

Mac n Cheese Ball
Rolled & fried 2.00

Zucchini Oreganata
Baked zucchini stuffed with seasoned
bread crumbs, garlic, white wine
& oregano 8.75

Garlic Bread 3.50

Mozzarella Caprese
Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes
& balsamic vinaigrette 12.50

Wings (8)
With our homemade buffalo sauce 8.00

Mozzarella Sticks (6) 7.00

Tuscany Antipasto
Salami, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella,
roasted pepper & olives 13.00

Zuppa de Calamari
Choice of white, marinara
or fra diavolo sauce 13.00

Tortellini Carbonara
Fresh cheese tortellini, bacon & peas, chopped, sautéed & mixed with cream sauce
Spaghetti Clams
Fresh clams sautéed in garlic white wine & virgin olive oil or our homemade marinara
Rigatoni Fiorentina
Sautéed chicken pieces with spinach & shredded fresh mozzarella in a blush sauce
Penne Filetto
Penne pasta with fresh mozzarella cooked with special Filetto sauce
Penne alla Vodka
Served in a cream vodka sauce
Penne alla Casserole
Crushed tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella & eggplant in light Filetto sauce
Fusilli alla Primavera
Fresh vegetables in cream, Filetto sauce, marinara or garlic & oil
Fusilli al Paillard
Tender grilled chicken sautéed with fresh broccoli rabe & red peppers in zesty garlic & oil
Fettuccini Alfredo
Fettuccini pasta with a cream alfredo cheese sauce

Add Grilled or Fried Chicken to any pasta dish for $6

Grilled or Fried Chicken Add 3.75

Shredded Mozzarella Add 2.75 Fresh Mozzarella Add 3.75

Grilled Shrimp Add 6.00


Caesar, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Italian

Tossed Garden Salads
Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes
& carrots

Side 5.50  Large 7.50

Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, Parmesan
& croutons Side 5.50 Large 7.50

Spring Salad
Mixed green lettuce, Parmesan,
cranberries & walnuts 5.95 8.50

Tri-Color Salad
Mixed green lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes,
onions, peppers & carrots 5.95 8.50

Greek Salad
With cheese 4.75
Lettuce, olives, feta cheese, onions,
cucumbers & tomatoes 5.95 8.50

Grilled Balsamic Chicken
Grilled chicken breast marinated in our authentic balsamic vinegar, topped with a medley of sautéed fresh vegetable
Chicken Verde
Battered chicken breast topped with fresh broccoli & melted mozzarella in white wine & light marinara sauce served with your choice
Chicken Sorrentino
Sliced eggplant, prosciutto & fresh melted mozzarella, served with our mushroom sauce
Chicken Romano
Two panko breaded chicken breasts, grated Romano served with choice of pasta in a Romano sauce of tomato, garlic, basil & a touch of...
Chicken Rollatini
Fresh breast of chicken stuffed with sautéed spinach & mozzarella, breaded, baked & served in a mushroom & Marsala wine brown.
Chicken Paesano
Sautéed mushrooms, onions, two chicken breast, roasted red peppers & capers in a light cream sauce & chopped fresh tomatoes
Chicken Casalinga
Grilled chicken breast topped with broccoli rabe, roasted peppers & fresh melted mozzarella
Chicken Casalinga
Grilled chicken breast topped with broccoli rabe, roasted peppers & fresh melted mozzarella
Chicken Bruschetta
Two chicken breasts grilled or fried with brochette prepared with tomato, garlic, basil & balsamic vinaigrette & melted mozzarella
Shrimp Monachina
Sautéed shrimp with mushrooms & onions in a Marsala wine sauce topped with melted mozzarella
Shrimp & White Wine
Shrimp sautéed with garlic, white wine, chopped & diced tomatoes over mesclun salad
Salmon Semifreddo
Grilled salmon with sautéed vegetables
Frutti di Mare
Shrimp, calamari, clams, mussels with choice of sauce: Fra Diavolo, Garlic & Oil, Marinara Sauce


Choose from chicken, spinach,
pepperoni or sausage 6.75

Fried Calzone with Cheese 6.75
Fried Calzone with Pepperoni 8.00
Fried Calzone with Sausage 8.00

Meatballs or Sausage 8.00    Sausage & Pepper 8.00
Veal or Shrimp 11.00
Eggplant 8.00
Chicken Cutlet
With lettuce, tomato & mayo 9.00
Italiano :Ham, Salami, pepperoni, provolone, lettue, tomato & choice of dressing 12.00

Philly Cheese Steak : With mushrooms, peppers or onions (add 1.00 each) 8.00

Ralphs Hero : Grilled chicken, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella & choice of dressing 12.00

Tuscano :Grilled chicken, broccoli rabe & fresh mozzarella with choice of spicy pepper 12.00

Add parmigiana to any hero add 1.75


Combo Platters:

Shrimp Platter: Served with Salad and fries 13.95

Seafood Combo: Fried clams, shrimp, calamari & fries 14.95

Fried Clam Platter: Served with fries 9.95

Beach Combo: Chicken fingers and fries 8.75

Boardwalk combo: Chicken Fingers, fries & mozzarella sticks 10.50

Chicken in a basket: ½ a friend chicken with fries & a salad 10.50

Classic Pizzas

Cheese Pizza Small 12.00 Large 14.00 Siclian 16.25
Toppings: 1/2 2.25 full 3.25
Marinara Pizza
Square with basil, crushed tomatos, Olive oil and garlic 14.50
Grandma Pizza
Thin Square pizza with fresh mozzerella, basil, crushed toamtoes, olive oil and garlic 21.00
Gluten Free (9″) thin cust 9.00
toppings 2.00 each
Cauliflower crust pizza (10 in personal) comes with sauce and cheese $10

Toppings: Pepperoni, Sausage, Meatball, Anchovies, Mushrooms, Onions, Peppers, Black Olive, Sliced Tomatoes, Eggplant, Fresh Garlic, Broccoli, Spinach, Ricotta, Mozzarella

Specialty Pizzas

Sweet and spicy chicken pizza $26
Sweet and spicy calamari pizza $28
Shrimp scampi (square pie) $28
Hawaiian pizza (ham and pineapple) $24
Chicken francese (round pie) $26
Everything pizza $28
Meat lasagna pie $28

Buffalo Chicken 22.50
BBQ Chicken 22.50
Chicken and Broccoli 22.50
Chicken and Bacon 22.50
Vegetable Pizza Mushrooms, peppers, onions, broccoli and spinach 22.50
Eggplant & Ricotta Pizza
Eggplant, ricotta, mozzarella, romano and a light tomato sauce 22.00
Baked Ziti Pizza 20.00
Penne alla Vodka
Cream of vodka sauce & mozzarella 22.50
Eggplant Marinara
A square pizza with diced eggplant,
marinara & fresh mozzarella 22.50
Sausage, broccoli rabe and cheese 24.50

Add a side to any entree:

Sautéed Broccoli $6.95

Sautéed Spinach $6.95

Sautéed Broccoli Rabe $8.50

Sautéed Mixed Veggies $8.50